Cleaning experts reveal the one time of day you should never do laundry

Are you literally throwing money down the drain by doing your washing at the most expensive time of the day?

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According to experts, there's a 'magic hour' when households should be doing their laundry to make each wash more cost-effective.

Trusted laundry brand Dr. Beckmann has revealed the ideal time to do washing, and it's not the time when most people do theirs. In fact, 85% of participants in the brand's extensive study are doing their laundry at the most expensive time of the day.

The new research revealed that most households are flushing money down the drain, quite literally, by washing laundry between the hours of 8am and 10pm, the most expensive time of day to use your washing machine.

  • Almost half of the UK (47%) admits their energy bill is costing up to £200 a month
  • 32% of Brits wash their clothes three to four times a week
  • Cleaning and laundry experts announce the ‘magic hour’ to do the laundry to help cut costs

Experts at Dr. Beckmann are recommending people do their washing during optimum off-peak times to benefit from energy costs being at their lowest (dependent on energy tariffs). 

So, when is the best time to wash your towels, bed sheets and clothing?

During summer this can vary between 10pm and 8am, however, the brand is recommending the 'magic hour' of 7am - 8am as the best time to do the washing to save money and to prevent leaving appliances on overnight. 

Costs will depend on your energy supplier and tariff of course, but generally speaking, most electric suppliers increase prices during peak times of day when they predict energy usage is at its highest.

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Nearly half of the UK (47%) claims their monthly energy bill costs up to £200, meaning Brits could cut costs efficiently by washing during the recommended time of day.

“With many households struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, a simple change like switching to the 'magic hour' can make a real difference to your energy bills," says Dr. Beckmann spokesperson, Chloe Baker.

“We’ve highlighted this 'magic hour' as 7am – 8am, as we’d never recommend putting a load on before heading to bed. "

'This hour provides you with enough time to fill and empty your washing machine before heading out to work or for the school run."

Tip for keeping costs down while washing

By implementing the following small day-to-day actions you can help keep costs low while ensuring your clothes stay fresh with every wash...

1. Switch to the most cost-effective time

According to Money Saving Expert, the average peak rate for EDF Energy is currently 38.77p/kWh, whereas the off-peak rate is just 14.84p/kWh.2. 

The team at In The Wash states that the average washing machine cycle uses 0.793 kWh, which means a single load of laundry will cost you around 35.6p at peak times, and just 11.7p during off-peak times.

Almost a third of those surveyed admitted to washing their clothes three to four times a week (32%), so switching to the most cost-effective time can make a real difference in reducing overall household bills over time.

2. Wash at a lower temperature

You can also cut energy usage by washing at a lower temperature, the higher the heat the more energy is used to clean the garments.

"Reducing your washing to 30 degrees cuts costs by 40%, while a 20-degree wash can reduce fees by a staggering 62%.4," Chloe explains. 

Cutting down on the number of detergents and softeners you use can not only help save costs it can also be the answer to softer towels with every wash.

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3. Clean your washing machine regularly

By cleaning your washing machine you will not only get better results from every laundry load you are also helping to preserve the machine's efficiency and therefore potentially saving money in the process. 

"We found almost one in five (19%) households never clean their washing machines, which can result in long-lasting damage," Chloe warns.

“We’d recommend using a dedicated washing machine cleaner once every 2 months or 30 washes. This action is to help prolong your machine lifespan and ensure it’s working at peak performance."


Research is based on a survey of 2000 respondents undertaken by the Dr. Beckmann brand in July 2023 All estimated costs as correct at the time of publication.

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