Statistics show people have the most sex during this month...

One month of the year has us all particularly hot under the collar…

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A new survey has revealed that people have the most sex in one particular month, and fortunately for all of us, that month is July. 

You may have thought that the winter months might be the sexiest time of the year, when you're cozying up by a warm fire and having a little bit too much fun at Christmas parties. However, it has been found that the time of year when most people are most sexually active, is in fact the summer—and specifically during July.

A study from Lovehoney has discovered that July is the most popular month for sexual activity. It also appears that many of us fancy a little summer lovin’ as June and August are a close second and third as the most sexually active months of the year. 

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Results show that on average people have sex four times a week in July. This is double the amount of sex that people have in November when people, on average, have sex 2.1 times per week.

Although Valentine's Day takes place in February, the amount of sex that people report to have in this month is on the lower end. Participants in this study state that they have sex just 2.8 times a week during the month of February.

The average amount of sex we have each month:

  1. July 4 times a week
  2. August 3.7 times a week
  3. June 3.2 times a week
  4. May 3 times a week
  5. December 2.9 times a week
  6. February 2.8 times a week
  7. September 2.7 times a week
  8. April 2.6 times a week
  9. October 2.6 times a week
  10. March 2.5 times a week
  11. January 2.3 times a week
  12. November 2.1 times a week


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A Lovehoney spokesperson told Metro, “Sexual activity tends to peak in the summer months with July the peak month. That’s because we tend to feel happier and more optimistic when the weather is good and the nights are long."

“That should certainly be true this year as we celebrate coming out of lockdown and enjoy the return of our freedoms. That impacts positively in the bedroom with couples looking to experiment more and try new things."

During the month of July, Love Honey has launched a sale on their products, from sex toys to lingerie.

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A Lovehoney spokesperson revealed, “We have a big range of discounts running throughout June and July as lockdown ends.

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