The FODMAP Diet: Everything You Need To Know

The FODMAP diet can beat bloating forever. Get the lowdown...

FODMAP is the new buzzword in diet and health. FODMAP is an acroynm for a whole load of scientific names for a group of carbs, which your body ferments during digestion. Although some people can cope with this without any problems, others (up to 45% of us) really struggle – and that can mean a whole host of really unpleasant symptoms.

Think bloating, pain, gas and sudden and unpredictable changes in your bowel habit. These are all symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS is notoriously difficult to treat, but the FODMAP approach is a real breakthrough, giving up to 70% of sufferers real, lasting relief.

Unlike most IBS ‘miracle cures’, the FODMAP diet has been developed in clinical trials and hospitals and it’s gathering the support of doctors, gastroenterologists and dieticians. Of course, not all bloating is due to IBS. If you suffer from time to time, it’s still worth trying a low-FODMAP diet for two to three weeks. If things improve, keep going for the full eight weeks.

A word of warning: This is a diet to help your digestive system. You shouldn’t follow the eating plan for more than eight weeks and if you are concerned for any reason, consult your GP.

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Apester Lazyload

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