How To Lose A Stone Without Trying!

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  • Eat normal meals, indulgent snacks and even have a glass of wine - we know how to lose a stone without denying yourself...

    Want to know how to lose a stone in just six weeks? We’ve enlisted the help of registered dietician, Nigel Denby so you can!

    We all want to look good, but that shouldn’t mean we have to deprive ourselves. Our how to lose a stone without trying weight loss plan is here to help you get in great shape, while still enjoying yourself.

    Follow it for the next four to six weeks and, depending on how strict you want to be, you could lose up to a stone and drop a dress size at the same time. If you want a treat – no problem – you just need to earn it with a little extra effort on the exercise front. Along with healthy foods, the how to lose weight without trying plan will get you hydrated and feeling so good, you’ll want to make the principles of the plan part of your everyday routine.

    A few do’s or don’ts that will ensure you make the most of the plan. Try to limit your added fat to no more than 5tsp per day. This includes spreading fat, cooking oils and salad dressings. Try to have a drink every time you eat. Stick to water, diet squash or fruit tea and allow yourself 300ml (half a pint) skimmed or semi-skimmed milk a day for tea and coffee. Keep an eye on portion sizes too – eat until you’ve had enough, not until you’re stuffed!

    Adding salt or sugar to your food is a big no-no. It doesn’t need it and neither does your body. Don’t rely on alcohol to relax either. Keep it for a planned treat – dry white wine or clear spirits with diet mixers. Two glasses of wine or two mixed drinks a week is your limit. Skipping meals isn’t a good idea – you’ll only eat more later. Finding it tough? Don’t be tempted to give up if you’ve had a bad day. Accept it and start again the next day.

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