sleeping positions

Our unconscious body language can teach us a lot about ourselves, but it turns out we can learn from our sleeping positions too. Whether you lie on your front or curl up on your side, we’ve got a lot to learn about the ways we sleep.

When we’re asleep, there’s nowhere to hide and we can completely be ourselves. During the day it’s easy to hide emotions, but during the night our unconscious thoughts come out to play.

Annabel Knight has explored these meanings. Below are the most common sleeping positions, and what they say about you…

The Log

In this position, you’re lying on one side with your legs straight and your arms by your side. Some might find this uncomfortable, but for others it’s very popular.

If you find yourself sleeping like this, it could mean you’re generally relaxed and positive, and think the best of others. You’re sociable by nature, but your laid back attitude can make you appear gullible and easy to manipulate.

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The Solider

Here you sleep on your back with your arms straight down, like a soldier standing to attention.

This means you’re likely to be strong, yet silent. You’re quiet and reserved, and the rigidness suggests a love of structure. You could be described as serious minded and hardworking with lots of stress placed on yourself.

The Starfish

In this comfy position, you lie on your back with your arms and legs outstretched. Sometimes you’ll tuck your hands behind the pillow too.

The open position suggests you’re a very good listener who’d go out of their way to help friends and family, and that others would describe you as confident and gregarious. However, you don’t necessarily love having attention lavished on you.

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The Baby

Commonly known as the ‘foetal position’, this sees the sleeper curled up on their side, with one or both of your knees bent up and pulled in towards your torso. It’s the most popular position too, with around 41% of us choosing to sleep this way according to the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service.

This might mean you have a tough exterior, but a soft centre that you want to protect and comfort. You’re a natural worrier, sometimes struggling to sleep, and you can be cautious around new people too. But once you’ve opened up, you’re a very loving friend.

The Sky Diver

For the last position, you sleep on your stomach with your head turned to one side and your hands either tucked under the pillow, or at either side of your head.

This could suggest you’re an open and confident person, and possibly very blunt too. Sometimes you can come across as brash or insensitive though, so watch out! This exterior might be disguising any insecurities and a need for control.

Which sleeping positions do you commonly use? Did Annabel get it right? Let us know!