This actress uses peas in her Gin & Tonic - plus other unusual garnishes that actually work

How to jazz up your festive gin and tonic plus other tipples...

Gin and tonics
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No ice? No problem - actress Daisy Haggard discovered this unusual combination for her G&T!

When it comes to garnishing our G&Ts, half of us just about remember to freeze the ice let alone ensure we have something suitable on hand to make the drink look pretty.

Well fear not this festive season, as London-born TV star Daisy Haggard, who has starred in shows such asEpisodes, Uncle, and Breeders, took to Twitterto share a selfie raising a glass filled with peas and gin.

Peas and gin, did I hear you say? Yes. And here's what happened.

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Let's just say it was an accidental revelation.

Daisy had ordered a 2kg bag of ice from her supermarket but when the ice failed to make her delivery she took to using the substitute she had been sent.

'Dear @sainsburys .. thank you for thoughtfully substituting my 2kg of ice order with FROZEN PEAS. My G&T is outstanding!' she wrote.

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Sainsbury's were quick to step in and look into the matter, with one worker tweeting, "Doesn't that look like a tasty treat! I'd like to get this fed back to the store for you. Can you DM me via the link below and confirm the email and order number on your account and I'll have a look into this?"

But it's actually a garnish served in some bars. Simply pour your gin and tonic into a glass filled with ice cubes and garnish with a sugar snap pea. Snap the pea before adding it to release its flavour. And that got us thinking of other weird but wonderful garnishes...

What other unusual gin and tonic and other alcoholic drink garnishes are there?

1. Sirloin steak dipper

  • Best for: Savoury cocktails, with a whisky base.
  • How to make it: Use a blend of Monkey Shoulder Scotch whisky and rosemary syrup served with a slice of 21-day aged Scotch beef sirloin steak for “soaking or dipping in the drink”.

2.Bourbon-soaked cherries

  • Best for: Sweetening up Manhattans and making adult cherry Cokes
  • How to make it: Pit cherries and soak in bourbon-spiked sugar syrup.

Bourbon soaked cherries

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3. Gin & Tonic pickles

  • Best for:Garnishing tonic-based drinks and Bloody Marys
  • How to make it: Add gin and tonic to brine, and then pop your pickles in - gherkins / onions / turnips or cucumber. Leave to soak and use at your heart's content.

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4. Bitters Cubes / Mustard sachet

  • Best for:Bringing sweet herbal complexity to drinks (and making a great Old Fashioned, French 75, or Sazerac)
  • How to make it: Combine 1/2-cup sugar with a tablespoon of bitters (traditionally an alcoholic preparation flavoured with botanical matter) then let dry in a mini cube mould. Or instead of bitters peg a packet of Heinz English Mustard to the rim to serve with a black mustard leaf distillate.

5. Sherbet

  • Best for:Chilling and flavouring sparkling drinks and prosecco
  • How to make it: Create perfect scoops by dipping your spoon in hot water before gliding through the sorbet using several short passes.

6. Candied Citrus Peel

  • Best for:Adding a hint of tangy sweetness to virtually any drink
  • How to make it: Cut the zest of lemons, oranges, or grapefruit into matchsticks (without the pith), then simmer with sugar syrup. Optional: Roll in sugar and let dry.

7. Ginger syrup

  • Best for: Giving a spicy kick to lemonade, tea, rum, and bourbon-based cocktails.
  • How to make it: Simmer fresh-cut ginger in simple syrup for up to 45 minutes.

Or maybe you have discovered an unusual cocktail garnish of your own...if so please do share!

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