5 Types Of Gin You Never Knew Existed

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  • Gin infused with royal rhubarb, with unicorn tears and ants… We’ve found the most interesting and unusual types of gin in the shops. Gin is one of our favourite spirits, but these really take a gin and tonic to the next level. You’ve probably never tried gins like this before.

    These are drinks that will get everyone talking, whether they are infused with gorgeous seasonal flavour, or made with ingredients you’d never expect. They’d also make an excellent gift (hint hint!).

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    Have a look through our gins you never knew existed…

    1. The one made with ants

    (Image Chris Tonnesen)
    This is a truly unique tipple. Each bottle of Anty Gin is made
    with 62 red wood ants, made from a joint venture between Copenhangen-based Nordic Food Lab and The Cambridge Distillery. It’s a real foodie’s choice with a big price tag, but the small natch bottles are very limited edition – and the ants give the gin a distinctive flavour that you can’t get any other way. A must for any gin afficionado.

    Available from Cambridge Distillery Shop, £210 for batch 003.

    2. The one flavoured with royalty

    This gin isn’t made with any old rhubarb. Queen Victoria rhubarb has gone from Queen Victoria’s Buckingham Palace garden in the 1800s to being grown on Crown Estate property in the 2000s. Enjoy this regal gin with a good quality tonic tonic for a G&T with a seasonal twist.

    Available from John Lewis, £35.

    3. The one that stops wrinkles

    No, that’s not a typo, it DOES say Anti-aGin. That’s because this genius
    gin is distilled with pure collagen, as well as a mix of anti-aging
    botanicals to keep your skin looking young and invigorated. Does this
    mean the more you drink, the younger you’ll get…? Cheers to that!

    Avilable from £34.95 from drinksupermarket.com

    4. The one flecked with real silver

    The makers of this enchanting gin liqueur have apparently ‘lost mammoth minutes of beauty sleep’ because they’ve been up all night ‘slaying unicorns’ for our drinking pleasure. Luckily, we know that’s not true, so we don’t feel bad about drinking it. We love this magical drink, which is flecked with edible pieces of silver. DREAMY!

    £40 from Harvey Nichols

    5. The one infused with chocolate

    Gin and chocolate are two of our favourite things, which makes this cocoa gin from Hotel Chocolat a winning combination. Infused with cocoa from its Rabot Estate in St Lucia, this gin has the peppery notes of cocoa shells and the rich creaminess of crushed macadamia nuts. It’s a Great Taste Awards winner; and it’s a winner with us too!
    £25 from Hotel Chocolat

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