Low-Fat Meals

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  • Low fat recipes are great for when you're watching what you eat and still want to enjoy delicious, easy to prepare food. We've got everything you need for when you're watching the calories

    Low-fat meals are ideal for when you want tasty dishes without the heavy calorie count. According to new research, foods sold as being low-fat or fat-free could actually make weight gain worse as they’re packed with sugar. So why not try one of our favourite low-fat meal ideas to stay fuller for longer instead?

    It can be a struggle to think of new low-fat meal ideas if you’re looking to lose weight or stay in shape, so we often end-up cooking the same dishes or sticking to salad. Why not try this wonderfully fragrant warm butternut squash tagine recipe (pictured) that’s much lower in fat than any restaurant version and is the perfect choice for a midweek meal, as it’s really easy to make.

    From super-quick pasta to classic dishes with a healthier twist and even low-calorie desserts that still look and taste tempting, these recipes are all you need to stay in shape.

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