Lean in 15 Recipes: Everything you need to know

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Lean in 15 Joe Wicks

Lean in 15 recipes are packed full of high protein ingredients, plenty of healthy fats and lots of carbohydrates to make sure you never feel hungry, even when you're trying to lose weight.

Developed by former personal trainer Joe Wicks the Lean in 15 recipe ethos is simple – fill up on food that's good for you and do a few burst of high intensity exercise each week and you'll soon see the difference.

In his relative short career (2 years or so) Joe has managed to gather together a following of 1.3 million followers on Instagram, so we think it's safe to say his approach is popular. With thousands of people being attesting to their weight loss having used Joe's recipes these could just be the perfect start to that diet you're always promising yourself you'll start.

They're comforting, family favourites and in Joe's own words, there's not a salad in sight. Think sweet and sour pork and delicious fish skewers.

What can I eat if I follow the Lean in 15 recipes?

Joe advises on a well balanced diet, and tries to encourage people to ditch the calorie counting. His recipes are all about concentrating on plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, lots of good fats that come from ingredients like avocados and coconut oil and minimizing sugar.

In his recipe book he breaks down the sections into food for 'training days', food for 'rest days' and snacks. On training days, when you're exercising he suggests eating three carbohydrate-rich meals and two snacks while on rest days he advises you to eat three reduced-carbohydrate meals and two snacks.

Joe, who is also known as The Body Coach, says his approach is 'a simple way of eating' where, 'you'll never go hungry'. He adds that, 'you're just giving your body the right energy source at the right time'.

Lean in 15 Recipes

Lean in 15 Breakfast Recipes

Pear and Cranberry Overnight Oats This delicious breakfast recipe is a great grab and go solution for when you know you're going to have a busy morning.Get the recipe:Pear and Cranberry Overnight Oats

Lean in 15 Lunch Recipes

Bashed Pork With Red Pepper Mayo

Rich red pepper mayo lifts the subtle flavour of pork in this recipe for a really moreish lunch or dinner idea. Packed with lots of protein it's sure to keep you feeling full all afternoon or evening.

Get the recipe:Bashed Pork With Red Pepper Mayo

Monkfish Kebabs with Tabbouleh

Make the most of gorgeous monkfish with these kebabs. Ready in no time at all this recipe is perfect for lunch or a light supper.

Get the recipe:Monkfish Kebabs with Tabbouleh

Lean in 15 Dinner Recipes

Steak With blue Mushrooms

What's more indulgent than steak? When you're trying to watch what you eat you might think it's off the menu but Joe Wicks has given it a Body Coach makeover in this healthy recipe...

Get the recipe:Steak With Blue Mushrooms

Massaman Curry

Traditional Thai flavours are achieved in no time at all in this clever twist on a massaman curry. Usually made with beef that's left to slow cook this curry can take hours normally. Here Joe has used chicken for a speedy (and delicious) alternative.

Get the recipe:Massaman Curry

Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice

Joe has given this Chinese classic a bit of a makeover to make sure it's just as tasty as you'd expect while keeping it healthy at the same time.

Get the recipe:Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice

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