5 Homemade Liqueurs That Are Worth The Wait

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Making your own flavoured liqueur is one of the more sociable ways to bottle seasonal ingredients and enjoy them later. It couldn't be simpler to add a fruity twist to your favourite tipple and create a different drink entirely to come back to months later. Plus, homemade liqueurs make thoughtful gifts so make them in late summer and autumn and you will have plenty to share by Christmas!

It's easy to follow our homemade liqueur recipes or take it a step further and experiment with different fruit and spirit combinations. Go for damson gin in September, then leave it to sit in a cool, dark place for two or three months until it's ready. Other liqueurs can be consumed almost immediately after preparing - blackberry gin, for example, is ready right away and can be kept for up to a month.

When it's ready, bring your homemade liqueur to table to round off a dinner party or keep it in unique bottles and label with a simple paper tag and coloured twine ready to give as a gift.

Don't forget to sterilise bottles and jars before you start. You can do this in the dishwasher on the hottest setting or in the oven, by washing them throughly with hot, soapy water, rinsing them clean then popping them in the oven heated to 140C, gas 1 to dry out for 15-20 minutes.

1. Sloe gin

Finding these purple fruits can only ever really mean one thing - that autumn is upon us. Make the most of them and spend an afternoon making this delightful sloe gin. It's super quick and easy to make - the tough part is waiting 6 months for it to be ready! The longer you leave it, the better it becomes, so it's worth letting it sit even up to a year or two. We guarantee that it's worth the wait though.

2. Pomegranate vodka

This pomegranate vodka recipe makes a distinctive liqueur that's perfect to add to cocktails for a little extra sweetness, or simply give a pretty bottle of it as a gift. Just don't forget to add a few fresh pomegranates to the bottle a few days before giving as a present, as it make a decorative touch.

3. Limoncello

This classic limoncello recipe is surpisingly easy to make with only 3 ingredients: vodka, lemons and sugar. You can happily drink it on its own, or you can top it up with prosecco. Whichever way you prefer, it's always a hit. A must to crack open at a dinner party!

4. Damson gin

With a prep time of just 10 minutes, it's so simple to make this impressive damson gin. Make in September when damsons are in season and this gin will be ready right on time for Christmas.

5. Blackberry gin

The deep colour of this blackberry gin recipe is such a delight and so is the flavour. Serve topped up with tonic, as a drop in sparkling wine or neat over ice. This gin is ready in a matter of minutes and couldn't be simpler so you can give it a go when blackberries are in season, from mid-summer until the first frost. Cheers!

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