Healthy Chicken Recipes

Healthy chicken recipes are easy to make an good for (and they all come in at fewer than 350 calories). Make guilt-free chicken soup, chicken wraps and more

Healthy Chicken Recipes

Healthy chicken recipes are a fantastic way to eat healthier and watch calories, as well as being super tasty and so versatile. Try making our classic warming chicken noodle soup, or something more exotic like our chicken and shiitake mushroom noodle soup as a healthy midweek chicken dinner. Or pick from healthy chicken skewers, colourful chicken salads and lighter chicken curry.

If you’re on a diet or making an effort to eat well, there’s no need to cut out chicken – we have so many healthy chicken recipes you can enjoy, you’ll see that you don’t have to deny yourself anything.

These healthy chicken recipes are all under 350 calories, which means you can enjoy them guilt-free for lunch or dinner. You can happily make them for the whole family, or even for a crowd if you’re entertaining and no one would know that they’re so low in calories. This is ideal, as it means you won’t have to break your diet if you’re entertaining – which is always the temptation!

For a fuss-free supper, give this chicken thighs with roasted vegetables recipe a go. There are only 277 calories per serving too, which means it’s a great choice if you’re watching what you eat.

If you’re serving this dish to friends or family, you might want to make some sides to go with it like a fresh salad, or even roast potatoes or mash. If you’re being careful, however, you can enjoy this dish on its own and feel just as full and just as satisfied without the sides!

Whether you choose to make these recipes for lunch or dinner, you’ll have plenty of inspiration and you’ll never again be stuck for a healthy chicken recipe. Whether you want a soup, skewers, a salad, curry or wraps, we’ve got it all to leave you feeling full without having to break your diet.

If you need more inspiration on cooking chicken, have a look at all our chicken recipes.

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