5 Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas To Inspire You For The Alzheimer's Society's Cupcake Day 2017

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Lemon Meringue Swirl Cupcakes

We love these simple cupcake decorating ideas that will take your cupcakes to the next level, whether you've baked or bought them.

Our easy cake decorating hacks start with a simple cupcake and show you how to transform them into something special, using simple piping techniques, extra touches (that you can buy in any supermarket!) and even a way to add hidden flavours to make a surprise cake after you've baked.

Woman&Home is supporting the Alzheimer's Society's second Cupcake Day on the 15th June 2017, when people all over the UK will be baking, decorating (or buying!) cupcakes to share - to raise money for the charity - and we want you to get involved.

Take them to work to sell to your colleagues, organise a sale at your local school, or host an afternoon tea. Every cupcake sold will help Alzheimer's Society find a cure for dementia, fund vital services and campaign for the rights of people with dementia. And if you can't make the official day, then why not host your very own Cupcake Day at another time to raise funds?

Want to get involved? Rise against dementia and sign up for your free Cupcake Day fundraising kit today at cupcakeday.alzheimers.org.uk.

1: Unicorn cupcakes

If you have little ones in the family then they're sure to fall in love with these magical cupcakes, and they couldn't be easier. Using a ready-made cupcake base and shop-bought buttercream, the only other ingredients you'll need are pre-prepped fondant, food colouring and a little edible glitter. Follow the video above for step-by-step instructions.

2: Ice cream cupcakes

We like to think that these cupcakes are like combining two treats in one. They're inexpensive to put together but look really appealing - the perfect bake sale solution. Buy some cupcakes and pipe a swirl of shop-bought buttercream on top using a star piping nozzle. Next add any toppings you fancy - we love glacé cherries and raspberry sauce for a classic-looking finish.

3: Bounty cupcakes

Serve up the flavours of the tropics with these incredibly moreish cupcakes. Using ready-iced chocolate cupcakes as their base these lovely little treats are then topped with coconut, chocolate sauce covered cake slices, buttercream and Bounty, of course.

4: Double chocolate glitter bomb cupcakes

Double chocolate cupcakes are seriously rich and indulgent, but this simple decoration takes them up a notch. Make a batch of simple chocolate cupcakes and use a piping bag and nozzle (we almost always go for the disposable kind) to pipe a swirl of chocolate fudge icing.

Take it slowly and you'll get the hang of the swirls, but any wonky bits are easily disguised with a sprinkle of chocolate curls. Watch how to make your own chocolate curls, or find them in the baking aisle of most supermarkets. A dusting of edible gold glitter gives a fancy finish.

5: Raspberry ripple cupcakes

Make simple fairy cakes then give them a sunshine makeover with buttercream stirred through with mashed raspberries. Smooth the frosting on with a palette knife for a textured finish that's got a pretty pink colour running through it. Press a whole fresh raspberry onto the top of each cake. They'll taste just like summer!

Go miniature with this one-bite fairy cake recipe.

6: Strawberry red velvet cupcakes

Make red velvet cupcakes then top with cream cheese frosting and a fresh strawberry. We used a round nozzle for a smooth finish on the frosting, but it would work just as well as with a star-shaped nozzle. It looks like a cupcake, but it tastes a bit like a cheesecake; sweet and tangy at the same time. Plus, it's got that gorgeous red sponge.

7: Lemon meringue swirl cupcakes

A hidden dollop of lemon curd makes a zingy surprise when you bite into this cupcake, but it's so easy to create after baking. Make simple fairy cakes and once cooled, use a sharp knife to cut away a small hole in the middle. Remove the sponge cut-out (a chef's perk!) and fill the hole with lemon curd, which you can find in any supermarket or even make your own with our lemon curd recipe - now that would be impressive! Top with a swirl of meringue and use a cook's blowtorch to gently brown the edges.

8: Seriously special salted caramel cupcakes

Make chocolate cupcakes on trend with cream cheese frosting mixed with salted caramel or dulce de leche, which you can find at most supermarkets. You won't need to go too high with the frosting as it's so rich, so we went for a zig-zag pattern rather than a ice cream-style swirl. Dust with a fine layer of cocoa powder for a pretty finish.

Will you bake for Cupcake Day? Share pictures of your creations using #CupcakeDay on Twitter and Instagram.