Wardrobe Space-Wasters To Throw Out This Weekend

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  • Spend a weekend clearing out your wardrobe and you'll feel so much better! Follow our guide to the items you no longer need...

    Oh, to have a capsule wardrobe! A perfect collection of curated clothes that mix and match perfectly with a dazzling collection of accessories to compliment each outfit. And best of all? They’re tidily packed away in a spotlessly clean wardrobe and don’t take up too much room.

    In reality, we are incredibly busy people who find it difficult to organise our wardrobes and even harder to maintain. If you’re a busy person you’re likely to spend least time of all staring at your wardrobe – it’s a functional practicality that should make your day-to-day life easier. We pick out the clothes we’ve just ironed but very rarely do we spend time putting clothes in properly. Often, they are stuffed wherever there is space. If you have a wardrobe, as opposed to a chest of drawers, to store your clothes and it isn’t an all singing, all dancing walk-in one, then it’ll probably be a cupboard rammed full of clothes and accessories you just never wear, just like ours!

    Well it’s time for a change! You need to set aside an afternoon (or a whole day if it’s a serious case of wardrobe wars) and get that closet cleared of wardrobe space wasters for good. The desired end result is that you will have a sparklingly clean wardrobe filled with clothes you WILL wear, meticulously organised and easy to access. In the long run, a well-organised wardrobe will lead to a stress-free daily dressing routine. We’ve put together a guide, with the help of some expert tips, on how to decide what to throw out, maximize space and leave your wardrobe wonderfully spacious. So now you can go on that shopping spree you need an excuse for.

    Follow our guide to throwing out the items that are just taking up space, and your wardrobe will be full of space come Monday (or at least space for new clothes…)