The Best Shoes For Your Workout

Find the perfect shoe for your workout

Using one pair of trainers for all your workouts? Stop! Multitasking your trusty sneakers could result in painful injuries such as shin splints or collapsed arches.

Each exercise requires a specific type of shoe tailored to impact, durability and foot shape. Not sure what shape your feet are? Try the ‘water test’ – dip your foot into water and press it onto a piece of paper. If there’s little or no curve on the inside of your foot, it means you have low arches and tend toward overpronation (your feet roll inward). Opt for trainers with motion-control and maximum support.

If you can only see a small portion of forefoot or a slight connection between the heel and ball, then you have high arches and tend towards underpronation (feet roll outward), and should look for a cushioned sole.

If your foot falls somewhere in between the two extremes then you have neutral arches, and should opt for a stability shoe.

We all love a bargain, but when it comes to sports shoes, cheaper doesn’t equal better – a pair costing £20 won’t be as effective as an £80 pair, so it’s worth investing even if you’re a first-timer. It’s also important to replace your shoes when they’re worn out – most decent trainers are good for around 350-400 miles of usage before they lose their support.

Whether you enjoy a country stroll or pounding the pavements in a marathon, we’ve found the best trainers for your activity. Read through our selection of the best shoes for your workout…