Styling Tricks To Flatter Hips And Bums

Flatter a pear-shaped figure with our fashion team's top style buys...

Pear shaped? You lucky thing! Bigger bums and hips are all the rage when it comes to body shapes right now (we can thank Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce for that), but still many of us with that silhouette struggle when it comes to finding the perfect outfit.

Being pear shaped can be fabulous, but it can also make shopping for the perfect outfit (without the money for a tailor) a real problem. If it fits on the hips, you can guarantee it’s too big on the waist, and vice-versa – worst-case scenario is you choose something too baggy and end up feeling frumpy. A big style no-no.

The way to flatter a fuller bum and hips is to know how to get your proportions right. If you’re going loose on the bottom, then be brave and go a bit tighter on the top. Always opt for more shape flattering pieces rather than being a slave to the trends. High waisted bottoms suits any shape, especially this one. Like all things, it’s all about balance. Once you’ve got that mastered, you’ll be unstoppable.

And now onto the fun part: shopping! The key to any great wardrobe, no matter what your shape, is to buy staple pieces to suit you. And by staple, we mean buys that never go out of fashion, the wardrobe reliable that you can always throw on with anything. Remember not go overboard with hues and patterns. Pick a colour or print that is classic and will never go out of date, e.g. stripes, spots, white, black or grey. These pieces need to complement an outfit, not overpower it.

Check out our top key items that are tailored to suit your curvy body shape and will make you look fabulous…