The Best Volume-Boosting Hair Buys

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  • Get amazing volume with these va-va-voom hair care and styling products

    If you could change one thing about your hair, what would it be? It’s true there are as many hair issues out there as products to fix them, but if there’s one great leveller it’s volume – we all want that.

    If your hair is fine you’ll know how tricky it can be to create lasting volume without stiffness or overloading fine strands, and even if it’s on the thicker side, creating root lift and keeping it there is always a challenge. Chucking in a volumising spray right at the last minute can help only temporarily, but soon that height will fall flat leaving your spirits as flat as your roots.

    So what’s a flat-haired girl to do? As with much of beauty the so-called “secret” is basically putting in a bit more effort. Not too much – just an extra stitch in time and a few clever products can really make a difference, and save time in the long run on any midday style-reviving in the loos at work.

    The key is to start building and creating bulk right from the moment you wash with the right shampoo. Then reinforce that with muscular styling products, blow dry it right to set everything in place for the long run, then finish with clever sprays to lock that style down, whatever the weather.