The Best Eye Treatments

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  • The supercharged masks and serums that wave goodbye to puffy under-eyes

    You lavish your locks in luscious hair masks and pamper your cheeks with all manner of creams, but are you extending the same care to the skin around your eyes? This delicate area is one of the first places wrinkles start to appear, and few things diminish a dewy glow like discoloured, puffy under-eyes.

    That’s reason enough, we think, to slot supercharged eye treatments into your beauty regimen – we’ve found the very best serums, masks and patches that tired peepers will love. From daily solutions that minimise swelling to weekly treats that reduce shadows, they’re all easy and speedy to use. Perfect for a week fraught with late nights and early mornings.

    To treat those peepers further, combine one of these eye treatments with a daily eye cream. Our sister beauty site Powder can help you find the perfect one. Simply sign up and fill in your skincare likes, dislikes and what you look for in your products. In turn, you’ll receive a bespoke list of products recommended by top beauty editors.

    Ready to soothe those under-eyes? Keep clicking through for the best eye treatments. You soon-to-be dewy and soothed peepers are sure to thank you for it…

    GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment, £39.99
    You may look a touch bizarre in the three minutes it takes the BrightMud Eye Treatment to work, but it’s worth it for the fresh, dewy and well-rested results that follow. It’s a grainy, non-drying mud that temporarily tingles on your skin and is wiped away to reveal less puff, more glow and a reduction in lines over time. We love to pop it on for a brightening fix ahead of an evening out.