Take 10 Years Off Your Face With These 3 Eyebrow Tips

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  • What if we told you that you could make yourself look 10 years younger just by tweaking your eyebrows? All it takes, says Jo GB, woman&home’s beauty director, is one super magnifying mirror and a few crucial words of advice from the brow queen, Shavata Singh…
    Singh, has tended to the arches of Natalie Imbruglia, Kate Hudson and Elle Macpherson, to name just a few of her celebrity clients. She explains: “Getting brows professionally groomed is the equivalent to a mini-face-lift! It’s well known that a defined, arched brow looks very youthful. I have clients who stop having botox once they see the difference arched, groomed brows can make to the face.”  

    Her biggest tip for achieving perfect brows? “Avoid brow trends! Just have the best brows for you, as this will ensure you look your best.” She reveals how to make your eyebrows their most beautiful…

    1. Fake fullness with a brow tint

    Brows naturally thin with age, so I always recommend a tint – it’s the best anti-ageing tip I’ve been given, as it can really help make the brows appear thicker and fuller

    2. Go one shade darker than your hair

    Brow shadow is best as it will colour the hair and the skin, to accentuate the shape more. Opt for a shade darker than your hair colour to give the illusion of fuller brows and to cover greys. To apply, use soft, sweeping upwards movements for more of a ‘lift’.” Shavata Brow Perfector, £24, contains 3 shades you can mix together to create the perfect colour for everyone.

    3. See a brow pro, even if it’s just sporadically

    Never underestimate the difference professionally groomed and shaped brows make. Inexpensive and done in minutes, I recommend everyone sees a pro, even if it’s just the once, to create the perfect arch with a combination of threading, tweezing and waxing. Then you can keep it up at home yourself. The trick is to then pluck any new stray hairs on a daily basis while they’re short, to maintain the correct new shape, making it easier to tell which should stay and which need to go.

    Shavata’s rules for maintaining perfect brows:

    • If you have thinning brows, don’t pluck. Go to a pro, as the hairs may not grow back
    • Never pluck above your arch
    • If you’ve made a mistake, don’t try and correct it. The cycle of hair growth is around 8-13 weeks, so just be patient, grab the brow shadow and let the hairs grow back
    • Eyebrows are ‘sisters, not twins’. Don’t try to make brows identical: you will end up plucking them away to nothing


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