The Louboutin Eye Collection Is Coming, And It’s Amazing

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  • Christian Louboutin is a master of creating beautiful things that women want, as in, really want. Want so much they’ll ‘forget’ other financial outgoings and hand over their card, pulse racing, in order to take that had-to-have-it thing of beauty home.

    Thankfully, since the launch of Louboutin Beauté in 2014 it hasn’t been necessary to excavate your overdraft in order to own a piece of Louboutin, first came ridiculously luxurious nail varnish, then lip collections, followed by fragrance, and now quite possibly the most exciting collection of all, eyes. 

    I first heard whispers of a super-luxe mascara, liner and brow definers some time ago, but with the top-secret press embargo finally lifted I can reveal the Christian Louboutin Beauté Eyes Collection to you, and it’s a corker. 

    The range hits shelves on March 23rd, and will be available at The prices are decadent as you’d expect but oh, what beauty! Read on to discover my top picks.

    Les Yeux Noirs, Lash Amplifying Lacquer Mascara, £55

    My absolute favourite thing from the collection and pretty much guaranteed to be the most decadent – and weightiest – mascara you’ve ever handled. The real genius lies inside the gleaming gold tube. The wand has flexible, sparse, short fins that pick up loads of the sooty black pigment, piles them on lashes then individually combs through for excellent volume but no clumping. The formula is pleasingly wet so you can load on layer after layer without it drying out or clogging up. There’s a pretty burgundy too, if you’re feeling adventurous.

    Oeil Vinyle, Luminous Ink Liner, £58

    Remember the extra-long stiletto handle everyone ooh’d and ahhh’d over on Louboutin’s nail polish? Here it’s put to good use on a liquid liner, cleverly resting in the crook of your hand, it’s weight steadying your drawing technique for your neatest liner flicks yet. The actual formula is good too – a totally opaque glossy black that didn’t transfer on my deep-set oily lids all day. Again, there are racier colours to play with if you like that kind of thing, but black is always the one for me.

    Brow Definer, £33

    Everything you need from a brow product; a soft creamy pencil in four shades (two of which have lovely cool undertones, something that’s infuriatingly hard to find considering most of us suit cooler shades) There’s a little brush on one end to rake through and soften the look, nice staying power and a dinky little Louboutin sharpener that’ll made you squeak with the loveliness of it all.

    Oeil Velours, Velvet Eye Definer, £33

    Last but not least, the silky glides-on-like-butter-on-a-hot-crumpet kohl. Naturally, the pencil looks amazing and feels nice and weighty, the colours are fairly vivid if drawn on in a clean line, but when smudged out with a brush or finger create a nice sexy, sooty effect that could pass for the easiest smoky eye ever. I love Fierce, a pretty plum shade that’ll make green or hazel eyes in particular pop, but there’s something to please most in the shade range.