How To Keep Make Up On All Day In Hot Weather

Beauty insider tips and tricks for long-lasting summer makeup

We spend six months waiting for summer, only to remember the biggest downside: trying to keep our makeup on in the heat is the absolute worst. What with the sun, sea and sweat, figuring out how to keep makeup on all day is essential to surviving the season – so we’ve collected some of our best makeup tips for hot weather in one handy place.

There are a few products you can get that’ll help you keep your face on until you’re ready to take it off. If your quest for how to keep makeup on all day is mostly based on your base, start with a primer. These prep your skin and give your foundation something to hold on to, so it’s much more likely to stay put and not melt off your face. Speaking of foundation, look for long-wear formulas that’ll put up a resilient fight against humidity, heat and the – let’s face it – sweating it brings.

For summer nights out, layering is also your friend (this might be a bit heavy in the day, so you might want to stick using this trick in the evenings). Follow your foundation with powder, and for blusher do the same: use a cream or a gel as the first colour on your cheeks and then top it with a powder to seal it in (if you use a powder that’s slightly more pink, this’ll create a lovely natural blushing effect).

Waterproof mascara and eyeliners – especially gel formulas – are a lifesaver during summer. Use these and you could stand next to the sun and still come out with your cat eye intact. But the ultimate trick to discovering how to keep makeup on all day? A fixing spray. Wear your regular makeup, and spritz one of these over it and it will prolong the life of your makeup so it stays put through anything – plus they’re super refreshing, adding a burst of hydration that you and your skin will really appreciate on those dry, hot days.

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