5 Easy Things You Can Do To Achieve Salon Quality Volumised Hair At Home

There are times when nothing but big hair will do. And there are times when nothing but flat hair seems possible. So Jo GB, woman&home’s beauty director, trekked off to see Adam Reed, of Percy & Reed, who it’s safe to say is a master when it comes to adding volume to hair. We don’t like to drop names but he always manages to perk up Ellie Goulding’s, Diane Kruger’s, Anna Friel’s and Mel C’s, ‘dos for those big occasions. 

Here are his tips:

1. Shampoo better

Too much product build up weighs hair down, especially if it’s fine and needs that root boost.

FIX IT: Always rinse hair thoroughly to get rid of any residual product build up when you wash. If in doubt, rinse twice as long as you ordinarily would.

TRY IT: A detox ‘clarifying’ shampoo once a month is great and can revive your colour too. Try Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo, £20 designed to gently deep cleanse without stripping hair.

2. Finesse your blow-dy technique

Avoid leaving your hair to dry naturally as this tends to make hair at the roots lie flat rather than giving that vital lift and boost at the scalp.

FIX IT: Focus your blow-dry on the top layers first, from root to tip to get a better foundation to your style. Always lift hair away from the roots in the opposite direction to the way it grows, then dry.

TRY IT: If you struggle using a round brush and a hairdryer together, try Babyliss Big Hair, £39.99, a spinning round brush with the dryer build in that makes drying easier.


3. Make friends with mousse

Volumising styling products vary from sprays to mousse, and set best when heat is applied. But mousse is an overlooked gem!

FIX IT: Mousse is lightweight, reduces frizz and sets without being sticky or crunchy.

TRY IT: For volume with shine, try mixing Percy & Reed Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse, £12 with a little Volumising No Oil Oil, £14 in the palm of your hand, then apply to the crown and blow-dry from the roots to the ends.

4. Spray, pray, set

If you don’t set your work there’s no point doing it, everything will drop the moment you walk out the door.

FIX IT: Finish your blow-dry with a cold blast of air. Spray hairspray into where the hair is been blown by the hairdryer to seal the product in place.

TRY IT: Add with some volumising spray right into the roots for added oomph!

5. Take care of your scalp

This is really important as a healthy scalp means healthier, stronger, bouncier hair.

FIX IT: Supplements can help create more resilient hair and Viviscal, £119.95 for three months supply, is a great one to get hair into better condition.

TRY IT: Finish every wash with a cold rinse to draw blood to the surface and stimulate hair growth, and do spend a few minutes massaging your scalp to boost blood flow too.