Beauty Essentials For Your Desk

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  • Look flawless all day, every day with these office-friendly beauty buys

    Snagged nails, frizzy hair, dry skin – are you often caught out at work by common beauty problems that would be easy to fix at home?

    You don’t need to carry your whole dressing table around with you – just invest in these 10 beauty buys to keep on your desk and you’ll be able to maintain perfect hair, skin and nails all day, every day.

    Head to the boardroom with confidence as we show you quick and easy ways to fix everything from unruly eyebrows to flat hair and chipped nail varnish. You need never put up with a bad hair day again, thanks to new dry hair oils that are perfect for beating frizz on the go. Lunchtime sunburn? We have the all-purpose balm to soothe and repair skin. Impromptu night out? Keep a mini perfume on your desk so you don’t need to carry a full-sized version everywhere.

    Whatever your need, add these 10 items to your desk drawer and you can keep on top of your beauty routine all day.