Why Aurelia probiotic beauty has EVERYONE talking

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  • What comes to mind when I say probiotics? Probably fairly unsexy associations like gut health, bacteria and little plastic shots of yoghurt. But, 2016 is the year probiotics go glam (honest) and here’s the brand that’ll convert you…

    Aurelia Probiotic Skincare has been racking up rave word-of-mouth since its launch in 2013, was selected for sale on Net-A-Porter after just eight weeks of trading and has just been announced as one of Walpole’s 2016 Brands Of Tomorrow (it’s 28th
    award as a brand) So what’s got everyone so excited?

    For one, the anti-ageing powers of probiotics are big news. As with your digestive system, good bacteria helps boost your skin’s immunity and calm inflammation, tackling everything from redness, dry skin and blemishes to long-term ageing caused by DNA damage.
    Add to that products packed with natural, bio-organic ingredients that look, smell and feel delicious, at very fair prices and you’re on to a bit of a winner.

    So what should you try?
    I love the Miracle Cleanser, £34, a cream that works like a cleansing balm minus the elbow grease. Used with a muslin cloth or just water, It takes off everything, leaves your face feeling soft, not tight, and is lovely and fragrant with eucalyptus, bergamot and rosemary essential oils. Cell Repair Night Oil, £45, feels dreamy too, and is packed with natural actives. A couple of drops will do your entire face and neck, and after a week of pressing it in every evening my dehydrated cheeks looked bouncy, bright and soft. There is also a nice Body Oil at £48 – best used before bed or after an evening bath to give it time to absorb – and the very cute Jet Set Weekender, £10, with mini versions of five skincare products.

    Want to know more?
    There’s a website for that, Aureliaskincare.com with tons of science and ingredient info if that’s your thing, or find personalised lifestyle and product recommendations on the new Skin Tool.

    This isn’t the only probiotic beauty brand out there, but it’s definitely the one to watch right now…   

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