9 Winter Beauty Mistakes To Nip In the Bud Now

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  • From lingering showers, to absent gloves, we've rounded up the biggest beauty mistakes to avoid this winter...

    Our favourite thing about autumn/winter is the abundance of accessories that hit the shops. From the fail-safe knitted beret, to this season’s stylish fedora, winter (besides weddings) is one of the only times we can pull on a hat and not feel silly.

    To avoid the perils of ‘hat hair’ – kinks, flatness and frizz caused by this season’s favourite fashion buy, hair stylists recommend the following:

    – Make sure your hair is completely dry before pulling on your hat. Even if it’s only slightly damp, the section under the hat will dry lifeless and flat.

     – Always gather long hair into a loop before tucking it under your hat to save it from a downpour, this will prevent noticeable dents when you let it down again later.

    – And finally maintain root lift in long and shoulder-length hair by parting it on the opposite side to usual, then flip it back to where it would normally sit once you remove hat.

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