7 Strangest Beauty Trends of 2015

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  • From OTT contouring to jewelled lips, here's what the most eccentric people in beauty did in 2015

    It’s the end of another year – where has the time gone? And if you’re anything like us, you’ll be wanting to reflect on the 12 months that have gone past. And if you think that crazy nails – like the one’s pictured on this page – were the nuttiest things out there, then you’re in for a bit of a surprise!

    2015 saw all kinds of bananas beauty trends, leaving the dubious vogue for gluing bits of sparkly pink plastic to your fingernails in the dust. W&h dived into the weird world of cult beauty treatments, some of which took the world by storm. Extreme facial contouring, as favoured by the Kardashian sisters, has been one incredibly popular trend. While we have seen it n previous years, this year got an extra makeover, with shading darker, highlights brighter – and even spanning into the world of “clown contouring” as seen in on make-up artist Bella De Lune our gallery of marvels. This involves painting your face to look like a clown, and then buffing the colours into your skin to reveal a new flawless face. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted!

    And then there were inevitably the trends that didn’t catch on whatsoever. Take the armpit-dying attemptive trend from Miley Cyrus. Let’s just say that this was one look that never made the beauty pages of w&h.

    Cultural trends made their way into the beauty mainstream, too. The Brazilian “hair candle” treatment (it’s what it sounds like – another one for the very brave) made waves among supermodels and civilians alike. The treatment involves a candle being held under a twisted lock of hair to get rid of frizzy flyways. A very clever idea but not one that we would perhaps volunteer to be guinea pig for…

    Click on to see the best, worst and downright weirdest beauty trends that 2015 gave to us. We’re sure there are even more in store for 2016!