Easy and wearable ideas for updating your cut or colour in 2018

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  • The hair trends you need to try this year - as predicted by the experts.

    Braids, bright blonde and bobs – 2017 was an experimental year for hair to say the least. While super straight styles, ponytails, and huge hair accessories took the catwalk by storm, neon colours, rainbow dyes and glow in the dark hair colours reigned supreme on the internet as beauty industry insiders and bloggers jumped to be the first try the wackiest 2017 hair trends.

    But we’re now looking ahead for more wearable, flattering hairstyles. We want to know: what are the  hair trends you really need to familiarise yourself with this year? Which haircuts and hair colours will be taking over salons across the UK this year? Which are the most low maintenance, and which will need regular blow drying (and possible investment in one of the best hair dryers on the market)?

    We asked the UK’s top hair experts for their predictions on what the hottest hair trends this year will be, and this is what they had to say… The good news is that there is something for everyone!

    Top haircuts for women 2018

    The modern bob

    Many celebrities have opted for a long bob, with Kate Middleton trying it last year and GMB presenter Charlotte Hawkins embracing it this year. “A lot of people have been inspired to go for a shorter look, ” explained James Pryce, head stylist at West London salon Larry King.

    “We’re going to see a lot more shorter cuts, but rather than finishing at the collarbone, styles will be more jaw length. Fringes will also be big again this year, but a longer, heavier grown-out fringe – think ‘70s vibes.”

    Find out more about James Pryce here 

    And how do we take an age-old haircut, like the bob, and make it feel fresh and modern?

    “Keep the bob blunt and not too layered,” advises James. “If you layer those shoulder length bobs they start flicking out a little too much and it can look dated. And keep styling relaxed – natural finish is key.”

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    Boyish wonders

    Ken O’Rourke, Charles Worthington brand ambassador, predicts that boyish androgyny will have a major moment in 2018. “One of the hottest hair trends for 2018 is the the bowl cut. Remember Linda Evangelista in the ’80s that kind of boyish androgynous look. It’s great for any age and requires minimum amount of styling time.”

    Find out more about Ken O’Rouke here 

    Internationally renowned hair stylist Paul Edmonds agrees, “The retro 80s trends has already made a resurgence in fashion and is even more prominent in the hair industry especially in the New Year as a bowl soft layered cut is one to watch.”

    Keep it natural

    Paul Edmonds predicts that natural curls are “a strong contender” to be the best hairstyle for 2018 – “as long as it isn’t too defined.” Think Halle Berry on the red carpet  – perfection…

    James Pryce, of Larry King, agrees.

    “Naturally curly hair is also set for a comeback. Work with what nature gave you. I always try and encourage clients to work with their curls and get the diffuser out,” he said.

    “If you have straighter hair and want to try a wave, I’d recommend a larger GHD tong so it looks really natural, rather than you’ve spent hours doing.”

    Pull it back

    One of Paul Edmonds’ top tips for keeping ahead of the 2018 hair trends is to put down your hairdryer and pull your air-dried hair back into a ponytail. Not only is this one of the easiest 2018 hair trends to try at home, but it will also help keep your hair healthy and avoid heat damage.

    Find out more about Paul Edmonds here 

    “Ponytails will remain prominent this year,” reveals Paul. “Try undone air dried hair pulled back away from the face with accessories for added glamour such hair bows, embellished clips or loose bands.”

    At 36, Sienna Miller proved that wearing your hair up in a ponytail, tied with a simple bow, doesn’t have to look too ‘school girl’ and could look chic and sophisticated…

    Love the trend? Try Paul’s top tip for creating the ultimate evening glamour up-do:

    “For maximum Hollywood glamour, my personal favourite is a single wave at the front of the hairline whilst keeping the rest of the hair natural looking for that undone done finish – perfect from daytime to evening time glam.”

    Hair colour trends 2018

    Sweet treats

    Satin smooth chocolate, or gloriously golden honey – think sweet shades with a healthy shine when it comes to colour for the top 2018 hair trends. Charles Worthington brand ambassador Ken O’Rourke thinks these rich, nourished colours will be a hit for the year ahead, “Colour wise I’d say chocolate brown and honey shades will be popular as long as the hair looks healthy with maximum shine. To me, that’s always a head turner.”

    So, think Cheryl Cole as she surged down the Catwalk at Paris fashion week, but with even more depth of colour and chocolatey brown richness…


    Blonde ambition

    Thinking of changing up your hair colour this year? It seems there’s never been a better time to be blonde. There are so many shades coming through already as top 2018 hair trends.

    Expert colourist Jack Howard explains, “Metallic blondes and pastel yellow colour trends are making a breakthrough this year. We’re already seeing pops of colour a la Rita Ora debuting her recent coloured soaked fringe which frames the face and is a bit of fun.”

    Find out more about Jack Howard here

    Holly Willoughby has gone brighter and lighter this year, taking her golden blonde locks a shade lighter to freshen up her look.

    Holly Willoughby

    Brand new balayage

    Balayage has been a huge trend over the last few years, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. However, the much-loved colouring style has evolved this year.

    “The evolution of balayage moves towards ‘Californian Balayage” expert Colourist at Paul Edmonds Jack Howard explains, “so a much lighter and cooler overall look.”

    But it’s not just blondes and lighter hair tones who will be having all the fun next year. “Charcoal balayage and charcoal grey is also great on mid-length hair and will be bang on trend as we move into the autumn,” says Jack.

    All hail the red head

    Don’t worry redheads, when it comes to this years hair trends in hair colour, there are some really exciting new shades coming your way next year. Jack Howard’s personal favourites? “Fiery ginger and copper shades.”

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