Your 2013 horoscopes: Cancer

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You'll be in a small group of Cancerians if these past few years have seen your cup overflowing with happiness; in the main, life has been tough. Gradually, this dispiriting trend is receding and by the time Jupiter enters your sign (26 June) you really are on an upward course. Saturn's passage through the area of creativity has the capacity to raise your profile: people will take you seriously, so if you have your eyes trained on a top position, go for it; and if the mantle of leadership is placed on your shoulders, bear it with pride. On the other hand, starting or adding to your family could take longer than you anticipate, and offspring may drain your financial and emotional resources more than you might like! In mid-July a beneficial Grand Trine augers a happy event, but rather than wait for the cosmos to deliver, mark out this time for a celebration or the launch of a major enterprise. You'll reach the end of 2013 in a better place than you began, and possibly with a wonderful feather in your cap.

Fab Dates:  1 March, 8 &18 July, 9 November, 13 December

Drab Dates: 27 March, 12 April, 25 May, 27 July, 30 December


Cancerians are said to have memories like elephants, but that doesn't mean those memories have to be the size of an elephant, weighing you down at every turn. Many of the situations that you might find challenging this coming year have little do with the events themselves but the memories and feelings they inspire. History is not repeating itself and problems cannot be solved in old and familiar ways. Your challenge is to wipe the slate clean, and create new, forward-thinking strategies - Jupiter is giving you a new lease on life, which can only be fully embraced if you throw some of that baggage in the dumpster! This planet's transit of your sign is the source of many rewards, some material and others emotional: your confidence and self-esteem should be boosted, whether through a personal success or because you are finally becoming comfortable in your own skin.

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