Your 2013 horoscopes: Aries

by Penny Thornton on Thursday, 20 December 2012


2013 marks the beginning of a new and important cycle for Aries Rams. Uranus and Pluto have completed a third of their transit, so you are finding the emotional and financial resources to withstand losses and unexpected changes. You are prepared for projects and relationships to take time to come together, and less prone to throwing in the towel as soon as problems arise. In this way, you will make steady progress throughout the year. Knowledge and the acquisition of new skills could be a big part of your success story, and some Arians will take on the role of teacher or act as a spokesman for a group. Another area of growth will be home and family. You may move to a bigger home, see additions to the family, and improving or selling a property could add to your wealth. 2013 may not be the best year of the decade, but you will come out of it ahead. Periods of greatest change and opportunity appear towards the end of March, early October and late December.  

Fab Dates: 14 February, 20 July, 6 August, 9 & 30 November,

Drab Dates: 6 January, 27 March, 6 June, 27 July, 30 December


Courage and speed are two of your innate strengths but the challenge for you in 2013 is being able rein in your enthusiasm or your anger when appropriate, and to use subtlety and compromise to achieve your ends. Saturn's position in the zone of finance places a restriction on your spending power and brings many lessons regarding money and partnerships - especially business relationships - so start as you mean to go on and create clear boundaries for yourself and for those with whom you share financial interests. The rewards come through developing a better life philosophy; a more compassionate Arian is emerging, one who takes responsibility for his or her actions without losing self-esteem. Riches are also to be found on home territory, whether in the sense of happy family developments or a bigger and better space.

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