The Best Career Quotes To Get You Feeling Inspired

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Always dreamed of setting up your own business? Or fantasised about pursuing a career in a field you really love? Sadly, only 30% of us believe that we have pursued our ultimate career dreams but the big old world of business can seem daunting, alien, and even a little intimidating.


With the news that women only occupy a quarter of UK board positions, we thought it was time to show that women can - and are - thriving in business, in all divisions, and at all levels.


Over at everywoman, they're keen to provide women in business with the resources, advice and tools for success. And some of their biggest success stories, ambassadors and friends, alongside a host of our favourite women in business, have offered us the inspiring pearls of wisdom over the years. Want to move your career up a level? Head to everywoman, who can help you on your way to career success - and take advantage of our free one month trial, exclusive to woman&home


These motivational business quotes, from women who know what they're talking about will help inspire you, motivate you, and may even just give you the push
you need to go ahead and pursue your dream career goals.


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Karen Matthews, Head of IT for Corporate Functions at Rolls Royce, on creating your own opportunities...

"If you're feeling frustrated that opportunities aren't opening up, take charge and go find them. You'll only get picked for things if you put yourself out there, connect with the right people and get your voice heard - coming from a big family, that's something I had a lot of training in!"


Mitzie Almquist, Managing Director of Gap International's London office, on believing in yourself...

"For confidence, start with yourself. You need to have belief in yourself or no one else will. You also don't want to waste one word while talking. You need to make every single word count."

Caroline Rose, Head of Regional Operations for TNT UK, on picking your battles...

"It's about choosing your battles wisely. In my early career, I'd get very frustrated if I wasn't able to make change happen, and that had a de-motivating effect on me. With experience, I've had to accept that an idea might be good, it just might not be the right time or place to tackle it. That's where resilience, tenacity and perseverance come into play. Keep all those ideas on the backburner, because when circumstances or attitudes change, it could be time to have another go.


Karen Kirby, Founder of Indbuild, on doing what you need to do...

"Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something. If you have a goal you are yearning for and something you totally believe in, just go for it."


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Sarah Wakefield, Food Sustainability Manager at Co-op, on the value on working hard...

"Recognise that hard work will get you a long way, but you need to make sure that people know what you have contributed."

Jacqui Chin, Chief of Staff at Amazon UK, on the value of a brilliant team...

"Develop a great team and you will do so much more, rather than trying to do everything yourself. Sometimes, I'm my own worst critic. Don't beat yourself up, and find a style that you're comfortable with that puts others at ease."


Meg Lustman, CEO at Hobbs, on speaking up...

"Never be afraid to speak out and question the norm. Recognise and celebrate success as well as appraising and implementing learnings along the way. Also, reliable wardrobe staples can boost confidence for whatever the day throws at you."


Jane Storm, Group HR Director at Tesco, on sticking to a plan...

"Have a career and life plan. Be clear on what you want and the support you need. Don't be tempted by alluring offers that don't deliver your plan. Be authentic, treat people well, and give more than you take."


Alex Duncan, Vice President of Applications Development, Customer and Business Services at QVC, on the importance of looking after yourself...

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"Invest in yourself. Take public speaking engagements wherever possible, take up all offers of coaching and support, and make time to exercise and look after your health."






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