What are your baking highs and lows? ...Today's debate

by Gaby Huddart on Monday, 4 February 2013

Like the rest of the country at w&h we're obsessed with The Great British Bake Off and can't wait to get our next fix of the show (roll on August!).

Little wonder the show is the new darling of the BBC, the format having now been sold on to 11 other countries - so far - making it the channel's second best export after Strictly Come Dancing.

Obsession with the show has apparently put a smile on retailers faces, too, as it's led to a surge in sales of baking equipment and ingredients. And we can certainly vouch for several of the w&h team having been inspired by the show to get out their whisks and aprons and try their hand at flapjacks, cupcakes and good ole' victoria sponge. Rarely a day goes by without a culinary creation being brought into the office for us all to try (playing havoc with our new year's diet resolutions).

But, of course, there are a few soggy bottoms and burnt edges along with the baking triumphs! Stollen is a recipe that's proved particularly challenging for the w&h amateur baking fraternity and our bread baking efforts have been decidedly mixed.

We are, of course, very lucky to have a brilliant professional cookery team on hand to offer advice, guidance and commiseration with our baking disasters here at w&h. And, anyway, even though not every one of our cakes turns out a masterpiece, we're finding there's something very therapeutic in the mere act of mixing, moulding, kneading and decorating. Don't you agree?

Have you also been inspired to get baking? Do tell us about your masterpieces and disasters in the kitchen - either in the comments box below or in our forums now...


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