Homeland Series 2 Preview

by Natalie Cornish Google+ on Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ever since the first series of gritty US political drama, Homeland came to a close last year, we've been wishing away the days until Homeland series two airs in the UK. And it seems we're not the only ones who love the show - President Obama apparently asked Showtime (Homeland's American TV channel) to send him the Homeland series one box set before its release date so he could get his fix all over again. If only we had that power!

The incredibly tense Homeland series one finale ended with (SPOILER ALERT!) CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) receiving electro-convulsive shock therapy after losing everything - betrayed by the CIA, Sergeant Brody (Damian Lewis) and, seemingly, her own mind.

Sergeant Brody had proved his allegiance to terrorist Abu Nasir by shooting America's most-wanted man, sniper (and friend) Thomas Walker dead. A faulty explosive vest and tearful phone call from Brody's daughter, Dana  - after Carrie broke in to the Brody family home to beg for help - were the only things that prevented him from killing the American government's entire inner circle, including CIA boss, David Estes, in a suicide attack to avenge the death of Nasir's son in a US ordered drone attack. The curtain fell with Nasir telling Brody: 'Why kill a man when you can kill an idea?' while Carrie's final flashback before undergoing shock therapy stirs a vital clue that will no doubt be erased...

Like the earlier episodes, Homeland's series one finale was brave, powerful, challenging and constantly surprising. So what can we expect next from the hit show?

Damian Lewis has already hinted at an equally explosive Homeland series two follow-up. Still centering around Carrie's relationship with the ever-dangerous Sergeant Brody, time has moved on in Homeland. From the trailer, Brody is now an American congressional candidate, still secretly practicising Islam in his garage and working with Nasir. Damian Lewis said in a recent interview that fans would see Brody 'even more paranoid, anxious and sweatier than in season one'.

'Brody made a mission statement that he wants to achieve his political aims through non-violent means', he said. 'He is going to find that this is harder than it seems'.

Carrie, meanwhile, doesn't seem to have given up on Sergeant Brody, romantically or professionally. She is seen knocking on his hotel room door in the final scene from the Homeland series two trailer (below) and taking pills throughout to stay in control.

Homeland series two airs in America on Sunday 30th September. Channel 4 have already snapped up the rights to the second season, and will apparently show the first episode just a few days later.

Watch the trailer now:

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