Jump to it with new West End play Jumpy

by Angela Kennedy on Monday, 3 September 2012

Every mother and every daughter will identify with JUMPY, the brilliant April De Angelis play that is now showing at the Duke Of York's theatre, featuring talented Tamsin Greig and a stellar cast including Doon Mackichan (ex Smack the Pony).

There are so many angst ridden moments when the audience just crackles with tension and laughter simultaneously at the absurdity of it all. Every mother will recognise those moments that they cherish and hate at the same time - their teenagers' obsessive texting, panic mode when late nights out turn into 24/7 stops outs , manipulative playing off gullible dad against practical mum and the total conflict of interest regarding sex and suitable boyfriends. Essentially, JUMPY lays bare the arrogance of youth in all its hilarious glory.

JUMPY is a modern play of family dynamics that will resonate with everyone, including the couple who are bored with each other, the disapproving frigid career wife , the pregnant teenager and the daughter from hell who makes Kevin and Perry look saintly.
Yes, it may have its stereotypes, each suffering their own mid-life crisis attacks, but when Frances (Doon) does a racy Burlesque act (with the help of Crimson Skye) , the house just explodes with the sheer energy of it all.

How she manages to do that night after night is a miracle and deserves an Oscar!
Whether you live five or fifty miles away from the West End, do not miss this play! It will have you hugging your own daughter in thankfulness that she is not as awful as Tilly, who is brilliantly and convincingly portrayed by Bel Powley, a bright young name to watch.

Box Office 0844 871 7623
Duke of York's Theatre, St Martins Lane WC2N 4BG



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