Dallas TV Review

by Gaby Huddart on Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Remember Dallas - the US TV series that ran for well over a decade from 1978-1991? Who could forget the excitement of Saturday nights and the dramatic story lines surrounding the feuding Ewing brothers, their wives and mistresses. Gosh it was juicy stuff - even hearing the theme tune evokes memories of the 80s!

So good news to the tens of millions of fans who loved it...Dallas is coming back! A new-look Dallas, including not only many of the old favourite characters - JR Ewing, Bobby Ewing and Sue Ellen - but also a new generation of egotistical, back-stabbing Ewing offspring!

Expect love triangles, plotting, double dealing and lots more besides.

It's all set to kick off on Channel 5 in September with a 10-part series. Watch this space for further details. We can hardly wait...


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