Ray Winstone interview

My loves
West Ham United.
I'm from Plaistow and West Ham is my local team. As a Hammers supporter, you've got to know pain and you're an optimist all your life, but it's love. It's about more than football.

Sunday roast. When I'm away, I miss a roast beef dinner more than anything in the world. I love roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and all the trimmings: heaven! 

Cooking. I'm away so much I've had to learn to cook, and I find it relaxing after filming. I make stews and liver and bacon, and an Italian mate taught me how to make a mean puttanesca sauce.

My hates
Love scenes.
They're embarrassing and you're thinking, "Oh hell, if I touch her in the wrong place by mistake, she'll think I'm taking liberties". It ain't easy. You've got 30 crew standing around and there you are in your glory.

The congestion charge.
I know I've got to pay some tax, but I hate the fact that they collect millions of pounds a day from the congestion charge and I don't see anything or anyone benefitting from it. Where are the new hospitals?

Reality TV I think TV is all about caring, and if you don't care about a character in a drama or a person when they get voted out of a reality show, it's bad TV. I wouldn't care if you dropped a bomb on the Big Brother house.


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