Paul Bettany interview

What do you miss about Britain? The British sense of humour, the fact that it's cold, damp and dark by 4pm, and the pubs. Pubs are great for spending the day with friends and family, having lunch, and watching football while your children play in the beer garden.

My loves
Guitars. I collect them. My favourite is a 1994 Guild acoustic guitar, which is totally beaten up but plays like a bell.

Photography. My Leica N9 is the perfect camera. You just have to sell one of your children to buy the lenses!

A good suit.
I have a grey and black Balenciaga tweed suit I can't wear because it was made for some skinny 17-year-old. I haven't given it away, though, because it's so beautiful I just like looking at it.

My hates
Range Rovers.
Winters in Vermont are ferocious, so you need a decent snow car. But it's such a gas-guzzling monster, I'm ashamed to be seen driving it.

Shouting. On set, it can be terrifying to have the director shout at you; we're just making movies, after all. The greatest director I've ever worked with was Peter Weir, who made Master And Commander. He never raised his voice.


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