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My real family
My mother knows that Patricia Hodge's character in Miranda isn't her. I suppose she would be upset if anyone thought it was. Nor is my father anything like Tom Conti's character. The only actual quote of my father's that I used in the Christmas special last year was, "I am sure I will get excited any minute now". He will say that as a joke.

I am very close to my sister Alice and her husband Chris and I am a committed aunt to their children Alfie, four, and Jemima, two. I am rubbish with newborns – I get interested when they can smile and be funny, but I am fully on board now.

I like the idea of picking Alfie up from school; I like it all, actually. Alice and I have the best of both worlds – she gets to come with me to the BAFTAs and I get to spend time with her children.

Christmas time
I am quite organised and will get my shopping done early. I love when you have done all your shopping and go home and you are all snug and warm and are wrapping the presents and listening to carols.

My whole family is obsessed by brandy butter. And bread sauce. Then, of course, there will be a lot of wind in the afternoon! We have never disguised the wind side of our lives as a family, we think it's hilarious. (Oh God, don't put that on the cover!)

We stopped having stockings for a bit and then we thought, "No, this is one of the best bits." So now we gather by the fire in the morning to open our stockings with me going, "Is it too early for Cava?" I don't drink much, but at Christmas, the Cava flows from about 11.30am.

The dress code on Christmas Day is really childish. We all have to wear some ridiculous headgear and a piece of tinsel and flashing socks.

The real me
I am pleased to say that I am not a tortured comedian – I laugh a lot. My twenties weren't particularly happy, but it's the same for a lot of people. In your thirties, you realise that your life and your worries are really insignificant, and you have to force yourself to be more positive and take each day as a gift.

I am happy to be tall; I have embraced it now, but there were times when I felt I took up too much space and wanted to hide. If I were Minister For Women, I would say that "no woman should be over 6ft tall".

Marriage was never a dream or an ambition for me. I thank my real mother for the fact that – unlike my sitcom mother – she never put any pressure on me or my sister to marry.

There is no blueprint for the perfect man for me. But I do think that for sitcom Miranda, it will always be Gary. In the real world, Gary would drive me mad because he is a commitment phobe and a bit flaky.

I do feel that there is a little confusion in people's minds between the real me and sitcom Miranda. I am pleased that people identify with the character, but I think they want me to be her and are disappointed that the real Miranda doesn't actually fall into graves or be that rubbish at life. Perhaps I should now change my name, call myself Amanda Dart!

Miranda Series 2 and the Miranda Series 1 & 2 boxset are out now on DVD. Early next year, Miranda will make 
her television drama debut in the highly anticipated six-part BBC One series, Call The Midwife

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