No surgery facelift

A firm, young face has a Y shape that’s broad across the cheeks and narrow at the chin. As we age, the Y slides to an A, with loss of volume on cheeks and sagging on the jowls. If yours has just started the slide, reverse the trend without surgery!

The news: Restylane SubQ, a hyaluronic gel, which is injected deeper in the cheek area, helps counter the natural loss of volume. “Yes, you can restore that Y shape,” says Dr Russell Emerson, consultant dermatologist and medical director of the Hove Skin Clinic. “By adding SubQ to the cheek area, you can get 15 per cent lift and restore youthful volume by subtly supporting the skin’s natural structure to create a non-surgical face-lift. It’s the subtle effect that makes all the difference.”

The feel: Jane Jannis, 47, from London, had lost volume in her face and found her treatment easy to cope with. “I have a high pain threshold, so opted not to have a local anaesthetic, just a little numbing cream. It wasn’t painful at all, just a little uncomfortable. I’ve had only one treatment, but I can return for a little extra addition if I fancy it. My face on day two was a little hot and tender, but that sorted itself out quickly.”

The finish: “I can really see the difference. My face is slightly fuller, more plumped and looks a bit younger! I’m really pleased with the results and will go back again to keep it going. I would never go to a beautician for something like this – I did a lot of research, found the best person and travelled a long way to get great results.”

The cost: Varies from clinic to clinic, but typically around £700. Lasts nine to 12 months. It’s good to have a top up every six months, rather than let it go completely. It takes about 45 minutes to do both cheeks. You should sleep sitting upright for a couple of nights and do no exercise for 48 hours.

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