Body language expert reveals Sarah Ferguson's 'feelings of affection' for Prince Andrew in sweet family picture

Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have been divorced for over 20 years now, but they've gone on to maintain a strong friendship for their girls, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

And in fact, the Duke and Duchess still regularly support one another - Prince Andrew even attended an event on Sarah's behalf after she was forced to pull out, recently.

Over the weekend, Sarah also turned out to support her ex-husband at The Colonel's Review, alongside their two daughters.

She even shared some sweet family photos on her Instagram account, showing her, Prince Andrew, and Beatrice and Eugenie beaming happily at the cameras.

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According to body language expert Judi James, Sarah's pose in the picture shows she still has strong feelings of affection for the Duke, suggesting that the pair are still happily comfortable with each other.

She explained, "Sarah is standing very close to Andrew here and her smile as she looks at him does suggest strong feelings of affection.

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"She’s clearly very happy with the proximity and touch, too. Holding her hands in front of her body she leaves one hand very close to his which – again – is a gesture no warring or distanced exe’s would normally feel comfortable with."

Of course, the pair are close friends and the palace hasn't confirmed any rekindling of their relationship. But after seeing the photos, fans have, once again, desparately pleaded for the two to get back together!

One, commenting on the photo, said, 'Remarry HRH Sarah. You were very right for each other x'

While another wrote, 'Kinda would like a reunion of this marriage. 💗💗', and a third said, 'Wonderful photos - now all you have to do is get married again please!!'

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Judi also revealed too that the family's positioning in the photo also confirms that they are a strong family unit - with Andrew at the centre as the 'star', in his ex-wife and daughter's eyes.

She said, "In many ways Sarah has positioned herself with her daughters to look like one of a trio rather than positioning herself as the mother and Andrew’s ex wife.

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"She lines up with them using near identical body language although she is the once placed next to Andrew, which would be unusual for many divorced couples."

Judi went on, "The four clearly have fun together and these poses suggests it’s Andrew who is the star of the family unit. One moment they are all grinning happily at the camera but the next the women have all turned to face Andrew, smiling at him to flatter him and make him the center of what looks like adoring attention."

How lovely! It's clear the Yorks are still as close as ever.

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