Nadia Sawalha Breaks Down Following Husband's Secret Battle With Addiction

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Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalha was left in tears on Wednesday's episode of the ITV programme, following an emotional and candid video message from her husband Mark.

Nadia has been open recently in sharing her husband's struggle with depression and alcoholism, something which the couple - who have been married for 15 years - have previously kept private.

In May, she shared her husband's struggle with addiction, and revealed that she was forced to give him an ultimatum in order to make him get the help he so needed.

She shared, "I gave him an ultimatum. I said you will not spend another night in this house unless you get help for your alcoholism,"

"I knew he had the most incredible heart of gold - the drinking was a symptom of other things. He suffered from depression. But I knew that I was not going to live with an alcoholic."

And in Wednesday's episode Nadia praised her husband for his bravery in dealing with his issues, and for helping her too, for the show's ‘Lighten the Load Heroes' campaign, which encourages people to nominate heroes who have helped them through dark times and enabled them to get help.

Nadia revealed, "My hero is my lovely husband Mark who allows me to talk often about his sobriety, his 13 years sober and alcoholism,"

"He's been so brave talking online as well about his depression.

But Nadia later admitted that he has her own struggles too, and relies on her husband's support just as much as he does hers. She said, "Mark has been my absolute rock. There is a whole lot of stuff that goes on with me as well, and my mental health.

"I just couldn't function without his support or all the stuff he has taught me. He's my hero."

Following her praise, to her surprise, Nadia's husband actually delivered a video to her on the programme, sharing a sweet and heartfelt message to his wife thanking her for her support throughout the years.

He said, "Your support, your care and generosity. Your knowledge of how to step forward, and when to step back.

"You've helped me help our family. And you've helped our family."

"You have without a doubt in many, many ways saved my life. So, from the bottom of my mental health Mark heart, I send you all my love and gratitude."

The camera then panned to Nadia, who was clearly visibly moved by Mark's words.

Host Andrea McLean also shared her experiences with post-natal depression, and shared with the audience her mental hero, who helped her to realise she needed to get help.

Speaking about dealing with her struggles at work, Andrea admitted "I was being so careful to come across as professional. ‘Don't cry in front of anybody, don't crack'. And the one person who saw through all of that was Donna.", her make-up artist on the show.

Andrea then began to tear up, saying "I can't believe this is going to make me cry."

"All she said was, ‘I think you need to get some help.' And it was just those little words that made me go to the doctors to get some medical help."

Andrea then brought Donna out onto the set, hugging her and thanking her in person.

We say well done to the Loose Women ladies for being so open and honest with their experiences.

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