Wanderlust at work: study reveals we spend 9 days a year dreaming of holidays

wanderlust at work

We're all guilty of daydreaming about holidays at work, but which of us actually book them on the job? A new survey reveals all...

After a journalist reportedly saw an MP browsing one of the Jack's Flight Club alerts - a service that sends out email notifications when cheap flights become available - the team surveyed Brits on their daydreaming habits at work.

The company surveyed 1,000 of its users to find out how long we spend thinking about beaches and sun-kissed pool decks, and to establish with Brits are the biggest daydreamers.

It emerged that 96% of us browse for holidays at work, and 72% had even booked a trip while at the office. People who work in transport and logistics spend more time than any other industry looking for holidays, it seems, while 90% of people who work in media have booked a holiday whilst on the job.

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The bosses are the biggest rule breakers

The study found that 96% of high level managers had booked holidays at work before and nearly a third of them had browsed for holidays while in meetings. In contrast, 65% of graduates have booked a holiday in the working environment and the demographic also spend far less time per week browsing for holidays.

The research also examined which regions across the UK are the biggest wanderlusters, with Lancashire coming in first place with an average of two hours and six minutes per week spent looking at holidays during the working day.

In Wales and Northern Ireland, people spent an average of one hour and 42 minutes browsing trips, while in the Cotswolds and across Oxfordshire, just 52 minutes was wasted at work each week. See the full breakdown below.

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The UK regions with the most wanderlust

These are the UK's biggest wanderlusters by region, measured by how much time is spent browsing holidays at work each week.

  1. Lancashire - 2hrs 6 mins
  2. Wales - 1hr 42mins
  3. Northern Ireland - 1hr 42mins
  4. East Anglia - 1hr 39mins
  5. West Midlands - 1hr 36mins
  6. South East - 1hr 36mins
  7. North West - 1hr 29mins
  8. London - 1hr 28mins
  9. Scotland - 1hr 26mins
  10. East Midlands - 1hr 25mins
  11. Yorkshire - 1hr 12mins
  12. The North East - 1hr 6 mins
  13. Hampshire, Dorset & Wiltshire - 54 mins
  14. Oxfordshire & the Cotswolds - 52 mins