5 travel trends to watch in 2019

New data from Pinterest has revealed the likely travel trends we’ll see in 2019…

Looking at searches on social network Pinterest, there are some clear travel trends emerging for 2019. Here are the key ones to watch, and how to try them out yourself:

Bus travel

Searches for bus travel on Pinterest increased by 32% in 2018, proving good old fashioned coach trips aren’t as uncool as many think. If you fancy exploring the world by bus, try roaming the USA with Greyhound, who has an extensive network stretching from New York City all the way to the coast of California.

Alternatively, hop on and off the Busabout vehicles that run throughout Europe. Simply buy your pass – from £169 for up to three stops – and you can enjoy an entirely flexible adventure on the continent, from brilliant capitals like Berlin and Barcelona to smaller towns and cities such as picturesque Lucerne in Switzerland, or Bordeaux in France.

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Hot springs

With searches for hot springs up 32% in 2018, next year is the time to take the plunge. There are hundreds of destinations around the world with spectacular hot springs ripe for bathing.

Iceland has so much geothermal activity underground, even its beaches are peppered with hot springs. Head to Reykjavik’s Nautholsvik beach to bathe in warm waters on the volcanic sand, or go inland to big hitters like the Blue Lagoon.

Budapest also has plenty of geothermal fun and the city is littered with baths and spas for making the most of the warm waters. The Gellert Hotel & Spa is the place to go for elegant bathing and a sublime stay.

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Surprise travel

Travel companies like srprs.me are becoming ever more popular, and searches for “surprise destinations” has almost tripled this year. The site lets you choose your accommodation preferences; select some destinations you don’t want to visit, then choose your dates, and they’ll do the rest.

You find out where you’re going when you get to the airport – though they will send you a packing list the week before so you can be prepared whatever the weather.

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Cycling holidays

Bike tours searches are up 64% on Pinterest, and travelling on two wheels is no longer only for the ultra fit. The rise of e-bikes – electric bicycles – means anyone can scale even the steepest hills without breaking a sweat.

Explore run some exceptional cycling tours, including in Southern Spain, Kerala in India and Morocco. For something more sedate, try Saddle Skedaddle’s Croatia bike and boat tour. You’ll spend eight days exploring the Dalmatian coast by boat and electric bike.

Autumn trips

Some might argue that autumn is the best time to travel. It’s still warm in southern Europe, the leaves change colour to create wonderfully autumnal landscapes, and the summer holiday crowds have gone home. No wonder, then, that searches for “autumn scenery” doubled on Pinterest this year.

Autumn is the time to head to Greece and Italy for late summer sun, or hit the road in the USA for a leaf-peeping adventure. New England is famous for its fall foliage, and over the border in Canada, you can enjoy spectacular Rocky Mountains scenery with fiery reds and yellows as the leaves change colour.

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