Travel habits of the over 40s: the most common destinations on a Brit’s bucket list & more

A new study has revealed the average 40-something still has seven countries to visit on their travel bucket list.

Travel publisher Rough Guides commissioned a study of 2,000 people aged 40 and over to reveal the destinations many of us are yearning to visit.

The researched showed that those polled have only travelled to a quarter of the countries they dream of visiting, with popular backpacking destinations New Zealand, Canada and Australia top of the list.

It also emerged that 30% think they are more ‘adventurous’ with their holiday choices now than ever before, and instead of sitting by the pool, 20% have tried snorkelling and over 10% have been on a safari.

Citing better financial positions, simpler lives and having older kids as the reason, nearly half of the respondents said they go on more holidays now than at any other point of their lives.

More than one in five surveyed also said they have have also taken a month or more off work to visit different countries.

The 20 most popular bucket list destinations for the over-40s:

1. New Zealand
2. Canada
3. Australia
4. Mainland USA
5. Italy
6. The Caribbean
7. Hawaii
8. Japan
9. The Maldives
10. Greece

11. Spain
12. Portugal
13. France
14. Austria
15. Thailand
16. Germany
17. India
18. Singapore
19. Holland
20. China