These everyday items could soon be restricted in your hand luggage

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  • Are you heading off for your summer holiday soon? You may want to double check your carry-on luggage, as flight passengers could soon be facing extra restrictions on their goods.

    According to The Times, restrictions could soon be placed on powders in your hand luggage.

    Reportedly, things like baby powder, coffee, powder cosmetics, spices and even protein mixes, could be restricted to no more than 12 ounces (56 grams) per flight.

    Powders will also need to be removed into ziplock plastic bags for separate scanning.

    Currently, carrying any type of powders in your hand luggage has not been restricted. However, it has usually been advised that travellers carry them in their hold luggage, as they could be mistaken for suspicious items during security screening – thus slowing down the process for extra checks.

    The restrictions could affect new parents, and travellers who are keen on carrying cosmetics with them while they travel.

    It’s thought that the move is being considered in a bid to crack down on terror attacks on flights and in airports.

    Recently, the US, New Zealand and Australia brought in a similar restriction, following recent terror plots.

    Extremists reportedly targeted an Ethihad Airways flight, flying between between Sydney and Abu Dhabi. The terrorists were stopped at check-in.

    The Department of Transport would not confirm details of the plans, but did issue a statement.

    They said, ‘It is for each country to determine its own security measures based on its own assessments.

    ‘We work closely with all our international partners to keep aviation security under constant review.’

    Restrictions on carrying liquids through security was brought into force in 2006, following a terrorist plot regarding liquid explosives.

    Now, airline passengers are only allowed to carry liquids in containers of up to 100ml.

    Some have voiced concerns that the extra checks on powders in hand luggage could cause more confusion and delays at airports. In the US, more disruptions have been reported.

    However, Mils Hills, associate professor in risk, resilience and corporate security at the University of Northampton, speaking to The Telegraph, said that that was unlikely, but that it could raise alarm about the safety of flying in general.

    He explained, “In itself, these extra restrictions are not going to create lots of disruption at airport security but it has the potential to feed into general public concerns about the safety of flying.”

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