Chestnut and Porcini Mushroom Soup Recipe

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  • Vegetarian
Preparation Time15 mins
Cooking Time25 mins
Total Time40 mins
Nutrition Per PortionRDA
Calories236 Kcal12%
Fat13 g19%
Saturated Fat3 g15%

If mushroom soup is a favourite of yours, why not try this Chestnut and Porcini Mushroom soup, a twist on the classic recipe. This soup is light and delicate but its taste is ever so rich in earthy and nutty flavours. We think using the porcini mushrooms adds something extra special to a typical mushroom soup, creating an indulgent texture that works perfectly with the warm tones of the chestnuts - perfect for warming you up on a winter's day.

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Cook's tip: Freezing can alter the texture of soups, making them a little thinner. If this happens, add a few slices of white bread to the soup, heat for a few minutes then blend again. You won't notice the bread in the taste of the soup, and it thickens it much quicker than adding potatoes.


  • 10g (¼oz) dried porcini mushrooms
  • 3tbsp olive oil
  • 1 onion, peeled and chopped
  • 1 carrot, chopped
  • 100g (4oz) chestnut mushrooms, chopped
  • 200g (7oz) cooked and peeled whole chestnuts (we used Merchant Gourmet)
  • 1tsp thyme leaves, chopped
  • 1.5 litres (2¾pt) vegetable stock

for the topping

  • 15g (½oz) butter
  • 290g jar marinated mushrooms (we used Sacla' Wild Mushrooms Antipasto)
  • handful parsley, chopped
  • a little cream, to drizzle


  1. Soak the porcini mushrooms according to the pack instructions. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large, heavy-based pan and cook the onion and carrot until softened. Add the porcini and chestnut mushrooms, chestnuts and thyme and cook gently for 10 minutes, stirring frequently.

  2. Add the stock and cook for a further 15 minutes. Whizz in a blender, then return to the pan. You can freeze it at this point.

  3. Heat the butter in a frying pan and add the marinated mushrooms, cooking until golden. Scatter over the soup with the parsley and a drizzle of cream, and serve.

Jane Curran

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