Aperol Spritz Recipe

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Total Time5 mins

Aperol Spritz is an Italiancocktail recipewhich has become fashionable in the UK in recent years. If you’ve heard of Aperol Spritz and fancy making your own, you’ve come to the right place. This simple recipe will soon become a staple of your drinks-making repertoire.

Italians love to drink Aperol Spritz before dinner or with antipasti, as an aperitif. It first become popular in Italy in the 1950s. A classic Aperol Spritz is made with just three ingredients: Aperol, Prosecco and soda water. Aperol is a spirit made with bitter orange and rhubarb. It is similar to Campari (in fact they’re made by the same company) but is less bitter and has a lower alcohol content, so if you find Campari a bit strong, then you should find Aperol a lot more drinkable. It has an aromatic orange flavour.

To make a classic Aperol Spritz, just mix the Aperol, Prosecco and soda water together in the proper ratio, which we’ve given below. This simple formula means it’s easy to scale up the recipe if you’re serving a crowd. It’s the perfect pre-dinner drink or for summer parties and barbecues in the garden.

Add an orange slice and serve over ice for a simple but delicious cocktail that’s become rightly popular.

Ready to make an Aperol Spritz? Get your cocktail glasses ready, your soda water and Prosecco chilling in the fridge, and follow our incredibly easy, one-step recipe below. You’ll be transported to cocktail hour in Venice before you can say saluti.

How to Make an Aperol Spritz

1. To make an Aperol Spritz, the rule is to add one part soda water, two parts Aperol and three parts prosecco to your glass. Add plenty of ice and fresh orange slices to serve.


  • 150ml prosecco
  • 100ml Aperol aperitif
  • 50ml soda water
  • orange slices
Top Tip for making Aperol Spritz

We’ve used some really on-trend drinks in our cocktails such as Aperol and Cachaca, which are now found in good off-licences and larger supermarkets.