8 Times Animals Tried To Help You Prepare For Christmas

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  • Pets LOVE Christmas – with wrapping paper to shred, new trees to scratch and climb and tasty food being prepared all around, it’s an exciting time for adventurous animals.

    From cute kittens that just want to play, to dogs that DEFINITELY want to eat your gingerbread display, here’s our selection of the cutest creatures helping out with Christmas preparations…

    Adam Preble‘s moggy thinks it would make a better angel (source: Flickr)

    fuser84‘s dog is a paper-loving pooch (source: Imgur)

    Stop, drop and roll – we love alexisallgood‘s playful pet (source: Imgur)

    “It was like that when I got here” (source: Imgur user pandaeyed)

    All lit up for Christmas (source: Instagram user christmasanimals)

    Festive fun for crmusiks‘ pet rabbit (source: Instagram)

    Everybody helps out for Christmas wrapping in mdeeya‘s house (source: Instagram) 

    Is your pet a wannabe Christmas helper? Share your adorable pictures with us over on our woman&home Facebook page to give them their starring role.

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