The Cutest Pets At Christmas

With the cold days, dark evenings and endless items to cross off the Christmas to-do list, you’ll be forgiven for finding the festive season more exhausting than exciting. If you’re in need of a Yuletide pick-me-up, or just an excuse to coo at adorable animals, then you’re in the right place – these pictures of cute creatures enjoying Christmas will get you in the seasonal spirit.

 Cat owners, beware – your moggy will ALWAYS find a way into the tree (source:jules_gomes)

The purrfect gift from Santa Claws (source:pooperdoop)

 First prize for Unbelievably Cute Pet At Christmas goes to missmazade‘s pug puppy.


 We’re not sure which is cuter, the budgie or the teeny tiny Christmas tree! (source:keepcreative)

Not all pigs need to be in blankets this Christmas.


 Whoops! One tipple too many for xoxmichelle1991‘s pet rabbit.

If only we could all have a specially made gingerbread house to sleep in (source: fridakat)