The Most Unfortunate (But Somewhat Hilarious) Christmas Food Fails

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  • You’ve bought the food, followed the recipe to the letter and can now call yourself a ‘domestic goddess’. But what lurks behind the oven door? Your bakes – well and truly deflated, along with your newfound sense of pride. 

    The added pressure of impressing your friends and making Christmas perfect might just be the reason why recipes can fail so spectacularly. Or perhaps a forgotten ingredient, an oven set to furnace temperatures, or just plain old bad luck?

    If you’re in need of a chuckle, or inspiration for how NOT to make Christmas food, look no further than our list of the best Christmas Food Fails…

     It seems a few of aneltulka‘s snowman cakes have gone rogue (source: Instagram)

    Abtract Father Christmas lollies courtesy of sarahstyle1 (source:Instagram)

    adwms‘ turkey is done to patchwork perfection (source: Instagram)

    It’s a Christmas tree catastrophe in @ChaseThisBear‘s oven (source: Twitter)

    Photographic evidence of lilshawtyy8‘s Yorkshire puddings’ tried and failed escape plan (source: Instagram)

    karlapic‘s take on the traditional gingerbread house (source: Instagram)

    Or a modern interpretation courtesy of Sunshine7031 (source: Instagram)

    A delicious Molten Lava and Foil bake from the oven of brian_scully (source: Instagram)

     ‘Yule’ be glad you didn’t bake this sorry cake (source:

    There will be no reindeer games for missjc1986‘s burnt batch of Rudolph’s! (source: Instagram)

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