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VIDEO: Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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  • Christmas is such a special time of year, and we all want our houses to look fabulous for when the guests arrive. So, here we have given you some super easy ideas for creating simple but stunning table decorations. Guaranteed to impress any visitor!

    A stylish table decoration is a great talking point and really lets you show off your creativity. You probably have plenty of things at home you could use too if you don’t want to buy anything specially. The basic idea is to create ‘scenes’ using glass domes, cake stands, hurricane lanterns, in fact, any glass container or special platter. Then use decorations such as houses, stags, light garlands, candles and plenty of fake snow! If the arrangements are ‘contained’ on a tray or on a cake stand it makes it much easier to remove when the food arrives.

    Floral arrangements are a great alternative (or addition!) to traditional Christmas decorations. Everyone wants to create the perfect floral arrangement that will wow guests on Christmas day and at parties. They are also a wonderful way to create festive spirit and liven up your dining room table. Although flower arrangements always look lovely at this time of year, don’t think they have to be spectacular, simple jam jar arrangements with seasonal flowers and foliage look lovely. Fake flowers work well too. If you are using real flowers or foliage, a great tip for making your decorations last, is to leave them out on the porch or doorstep at night to keep them fresh.

    It’s all about making the decorations individual to you, so use our ideas for inspiration to create your own!

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