Why the majority of hotels use white bedding—and why you should too

Can you guess why white bedding is so popular? Here's why you need to invest in some ASAP

White bed linen
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There's not much that's more inviting than a freshly made bed with crisp, white bedding.

And there are several reasons why white bedding is so popular in hotels and in-home bedrooms. Firstly, it's incredibly versatile. Having a bed covered in white sheets and the best pillows as the centerpiece of your room allows you to be as creative and colorful as you like when it comes to decorating and choosing color designs. It’s a blank canvas you can have fun with.

Joe Molloy, founding director of Tielle Love Luxury, says, "We always recommend classic white bedding rather than colored as these stay fresh looking and never go out of style. White bedlinen works really well in a bold color scheme bedroom and to complete the look, add luxurious layers such as a faux fur throw for texture and depth."

Symons Double Row Cord Bed Linen Collection, from $79 (£55) | The White Company

Symons Double Row Cord Bed Linen Collection, from $79 (£55) | The White Company

The White Company's 1,000-thread-count sheets made from high-quality Egyptian cotton sateen will add instant elegance to your bedroom.

But perhaps more importantly, white bedding is extremely soothing and calming. You should feel as relaxed as possible when going to bed and the last thing you want to see before drifting off to sleep are brightly colored bed linen designs that have the potential to give you a headache or make you feel anything less than super-zen.

Why do hotels use white sheets?

You'll likely have noticed that almost every hotel you've been to over the years uses white bedding. So why do hotels use white sheets only? Well, it seems the main reason for the use of white bedding is for cleanliness.

As reported in Reader’s Digest, there's nowhere for germs and dirt to hide on white sheets, which is exactly why hotels tend to favor white bedding. Their customers can go to sleep at night knowing they are in the comfort of a clean bed.

a bed with white bedding in a luxury hotel room

Additionally, white bedding gives off the impression of luxury. Emma Hooton, in-house interior stylist at Tielle Love Luxury from Studio Hooton always advises clients to use white bed linen, saying, "Used by the world’s leading hotels, white sets the standard in luxury, and we love a boutique hotel look. Anything from a 300-thread count will give you the same quality feel as a night in a 5-star hotel."

It can also be presumed that white bedding also for further experimentation in the decor of the hotel. Having a neutral bed and bedspread means that the rest of the room can be decorated in more vibrant colors, depending on the theme/feel of the hotel. But in the same vein, white goes with literally every color. So whether you prefer a more calming, soothing sage green color for your walls, or a more dazzling, lively yellow, white bedding while slot right in easily to your decor.

So wherever you’re sleeping, whether it be in a hotel or your own bedroom, you can feel fancy in your very own crisp white sheets.

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